The Art of Takamatsu

Freelance Digital Artist

Freelance digital artist with an affinity for fictional worlds and strange creatures. I love creating characters, making fanart, and telling stories.

For business inquiries contact me at [email protected]

Terms of Service

Full payment must be sent before work will begin.All commission discussion will be conducted over email.Payments will only be taken through PayPal.Commissions will be worked on in order of payment sent.Characters must have a reference sheet, preferably unshaded unless a pallet is provided.I reserve the right to reject anything lacking taste or anything I’m uncomfortable with, or am not interested in. If I don’t take your commission please don’t come and ask me why.You may ask about the status of your commission, just please do not ask me every day where your commission is.Any rude/unethical behavior may result in me dropping your commission, in which case depending on progress I will issue only a partial refund.Please be very clear with your descriptions! Feel free to provide me with photo references for clarity on things such as poses (though please let me know beforehand if any reference images are explicit.)I will provide an initial sketch before I’m ready to work on the lineart. Any and all changes to the pose/structure that are needed must be made then as I won’t make any once the lineart is finished.If you give me complete creative freedom, I will not redraw my initial sketch. Minor edits can be made but I won’t make substantial changes like poses.Edits can no longer be made once the image has been inked.If the character reference sent to me is outdated and you do not inform me I will not make any updates if the lineart and colors are already in place.Reposting a commission is perfectly fine as long as you credit me!You may NOT use my artwork for commercial purposes unless we have discussed it.You may NOT alter my work, but cropping can be allowed for the use of profile pictures and such.I retain the right to drop a commission at any time and a full refund will be given.


  • Listed Prices do not include backgrounds or complexity fees.

  • Additional characters are full price.

  • My OCs or fandom characters I really like are 12% off.

Colored Sketch

Bust - $50 | Half Body - $75 | Full Body - $120

Lined Flats

Bust - $60 | Half - $80 | Full Body - $140

Simple Shading

Bust - $90 | Half Body - $120 | Full Body - $160

Full Render

Bust - $150 | Half Body - $200 | Full Body - $280