The Art of Takamatsu

Freelance Digital Artist

Freelance digital artist with an affinity for fictional worlds and strange creatures. I love creating characters, making fanart, and telling stories.For business inquiries contact me at [email protected]

Terms of Service

- Full payment must be sent before work will begin.
- All commission discussion will be conducted over email.
- Payments will only be taken through PayPal.
- Characters must have a reference sheet, preferably unshaded unless a pallet is provided.
- I reserve the right to reject anything lacking taste or anything I’m uncomfortable with, or am not interested in. If I don’t take your commission please don’t come and ask me why.
- You may ask about the status of your commission, just please do not ask me every day where your commission is.
- Any rude/unethical behavior may result in me dropping your commission, in which case depending on progress I will issue only a partial refund.
- Please be very clear with your descriptions! Feel free to provide me with photo or drawn references for clarity on things such as poses (though please let me know beforehand if any reference images are explicit.)
- I will provide an initial sketch before I’m ready to work on the lineart. Any and all changes to the pose/structure that are needed must be made then as I won’t make any once the lineart is finished.
- You get a total of 3 sessions of edits for free before they will come with a fee (unless something is explicitly my mistake or I forget something you mentioned previously.)
- If you give me complete creative freedom, I will not redraw my initial sketch. Minor edits can be made but I won’t make substantial changes like poses, head orientations, or expressions.
- Structural edits can no longer be made once the lineart has been completed.
- If the character reference sent to me is outdated and you do not inform me I will not make any updates if the lineart is already in place.
- Reposting a commission is perfectly fine as long as you credit me and only post the scaled down/watermarked file you're sent included with the full rez file!
- You may NOT use my artwork for commercial purposes unless we have discussed it prior. For commercial usage there will be a licensing fee.
- I refuse the right to decline commercial usage of any works should I choose.
- You may NOT alter my work, but cropping can be allowed for the use of profile pictures and such.
- I retain the right to drop a commission at any time and a full to partial refund will be given depending on how much work is completed.
- I retain the right to post or use any commissioned artwork of mine for advertising my business. I will not resell your commission as prints or merchandise, but I will use full resolution files as subscription rewards or repost artwork for advertisement of my work.
- If you wish for your commission to remain private please state so beforehand. This will come with a privacy fee.
- Any work you receive from me is not allowed to be minted/sold as crypto currency or an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).


  • Listed Prices do not include backgrounds or complexity fees.

  • Additional characters are full price.

  • My OCs or fandom characters I really like are 12% off.

Colored Sketch

Bust - $50 | Half Body - $75 | Full Body - $120

Lined Flats

Bust - $60 | Half - $80 | Full Body - $140

Simple Shading

Bust - $90 | Half Body - $120 | Full Body - $160

Full Render

Bust - $150 | Half Body - $200 | Full Body - $280


Decorated - $50

Simple - $80

Full - $160

General Art Preferences

I specialize in character art and design. I enjoy doing scene work and character interactions driven by story and personality.

  • Aliens

  • Monsters

  • Humans

  • Animals

  • Cetaceants

  • Equines

  • Reptiles

  • Dragons

  • Dinosaurs

  • Robots / Bio-synthetics

  • Gore / Horror

  • Fanart

  • Anime

  • Character scenes

  • Comics

  • Reference Sheets (only when announced)

  • Vehicles

  • Blocky Mecha (Transformers/Gundam)

  • Ships I personally don't ship (feel free to ask)

  • Political/Religious content

  • IRL People

Fanart Interests

Legend of KorraBaatar Jr, Kuvira, Varrick, Bolin, Tahno
DorohedoroShin, Noi, Fujita, Ebisu,
BloodborneLudwig, Alfred, Simon, Lady Maria
Genshin ImpactZhongli, Kaeya
HTTYDNight Furies, Skrills, Nadders
MarvelRonan, Crystal, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive

Design Commissions

- Design commissions always start with a base price of $100 + the price of the rendering level you want for ONE image.
Example: 1 full body lined flat color design commission would be $240 ($100 design fee + $140 base price of a full body lined flat commission)
-Additional images would be the base price of the commission equivalent.
Example: Refsheet style design commission with two full bodies and one bust all lined flat colors would be $440 ($100 design fee + $280(two $140 full body lined flats) + $60 lined flat bust)
-Increased tiers such as simple or full shading apply with their base prices as well. When you commission rendered tiers, you'll always get a flat color version as well for the ease of other artists to use.-Complexity fees will apply to characters with complex patterns and textures, these are given on a quote depending on what is being asked for.-Commission discussions will also be conducted through email only, this makes things easier for me to find information.